The Born This Way Ball Afterparty Lady Gaga 2012-2013 World Tour

Lady Gaga came to Vancouver in January and sold out two nights in a row - that's no big deal compared to this party. Featuring a fashion show from Vancouver's local designers - Misty Greer, Hive Mind Millinery, Qisipi Kay Beachwear, Rouge Designs, and Dutch Blonde combined with dancing and live entertainment this was an evening that gave even GaGa herself a run for her. Organizer Vernard Goud (LUVNGRACE) blew the doors off of the Republic on Granville Street with the help of Interscope Records, Bella Garnet Salon, The Donnelly Group and Axs. Guests wore their best GaGa inspired fashion while dancing until they turned the lights on. Good times were had all around as everybody likes to be a Monster once in a while.

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Thomas Oliver & Carol Cox