Press Play Establishment Presents the Launch of FashionTV and New Years Eve 2013

FashionTV launched their new Canadian network in style at the exclusive Terminal City Club on New Year’s Eve. Upon entering the event guests were met by a champagne reception and an opportunity for a photo shoot on the biggest media wall Vancouver has ever seen. VIP Guests were interviewed as they walked the red carpet and caught up with each other while mingling and wishing friends and supporters a happy new year. The evening’s entertainment was a climax as sorts as there was a DJ, Live Acrobatics, and a live Jazz/Swing band that ensured that each guest was uniquely entertained. The Terminal City Club Kitchen was up the test as they served delectable canapés and other offerings which kept everyone's energy up as they danced the evening away. Congratulations to Nader Navabi and his team as they threw a great party and certainly made a splash on the Vancouver social scene. Also thanks goes out to Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver and Leone for making this party happen! Make sure to check our calendar for the next FashionTV/Press Play Establishment exclusive event.

Photos by Matthew Greenwood

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Host of the evening and CEO of FashionTV Canada and Press Play Establishment Nader Navabi