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Welcome to snapd everyone! The fastest growing source for positive community events in North America is here! You've probably already heard of snapd but in case you haven't we're the ones that promote everything from business openings to gala dinners, local events at schools, chamber of commerce, and the municipality! As long as it is positive we share your photos with the community and help you get the recognition you deserve!

With 65 publications already out on the street across towns and cities in North America, we have announced the expansion of snapd into YOUR community with an online edition! Once your community generates enough content you could even get your own publication created and delivered to multiple locations in your community!

With snapd all you need to do is sign up with a FREE account, click SUBMIT AN EVENT and start getting loads of FREE marketing for your business or organization. We also have a great online TICKETING SOLUTION for your ticketed events where we donate FREE ads and strategize with your team to actually help you sell tickets! It's easy and free for the organization setting up the event.

And now, with the NEW snapd APP you can easily upload your event photos from your mobile device and send them directly to snapd with the click of a button! Your photos will go directly into the event on the snapd website and the best community pictures will appear in the local snapd publication when it is ready to be published. The snapd App empowers everyone at the event to contribute to the success of the event by taking hundreds more photos all shareable through Facebook and other social media.

Don't miss out on letting snapd help you have a more successful event, build a more engaged fan-base, sell more tickets and build your business or organization! To learn more go to:

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