Distribution Locations

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Business Name Address Phone Number
 131 (Kitchen & Bar) Unit 127 - 131 Water Street
 4 Brothers Pizza 1417 Commercial Dr604 255 9789
 7 Days Convenience Store1407 Commercial Drive604 215 9121
 888 Mini Market1500 Hornby Street604 685 9393
 A & W 1558 Alberni Street
 A Taste Of India 1282 Robson St604 682-3894
 ABC Hair Express984 Denman Street
 ABC International Travel1230 Granville Street
 Acacia Filo Bar1103 Denman Street
 Acme Cafe51 Hastings Street
 ADONIS120-1265 Granville Street
 Afro-Canadian Restaurant324 Cambie Street
Agro Cafe Yaletown1207 Hamilton Street604 605 1292
 Akira Sushi1069 Denman Street
 Al Haldmain Restaurant1065 Granville Street604 689-8163
 ALPHA Global Sushi Bar1009 Richards Street
 Ambassador Hotel1212 Granville Street
 Amore Pizza350 Robson Street
 Avant Garde Hair Studio1075 Mainland Street604 688 1986
 Aveda101-111 Water Street
 B.B.Quest1043 Mainland Street
 Babylon Cafe1156 Denman Street
 Babylon Cafe770 Nelson St
 Baguette Time1231 Davie Street
 Baisl's Subs1114 Denman Street
 Banana Leaf1779 Robson Street
 BaoQi eateri620 Davie St604 700-4100
Bard on the Beach Village Boutique1695 Whyte Avenue, Vanier Park604-739-0559
 Bean Around the World Yaletown1002 Mainland Street604 685 9929
 Beaver & Mullet 102-1184 Denman Street
Bel Cafe801 West Georgia Street604 673 7000
Bella Garnet Hair Salon1042 Hamilton Street604 563 6252
 Bella Pizza1725 Davie St604 688-8888
Bentall Food Court505 Burrard Street
 Best Western Plus Downtown Vancouver718 Drake Street
 BG Urban Cafe742 Granville Street
 BG Urban Cafe855 Davie Street
 Big Dog Little Dog Bakery985 Denman Street
 Biz Net Canada632 Abbott St
 Black Dog Video3451 Cambie Street
 Bling Nail Studio98 Keefer Place
 Bonchaz426 West Hastings
 Bonchaz189 West Broadway
 Booster Juice1764 Davie St604 568-8054
 Booster Juice2430 Commercial Drive
 Boulangerie la Parisienne1076 Mainland Street604 684 2499
 Bread Papa's 548 Robson Street
Breka Bakery & Cafe818 Bute Street 604 620 8200
 Bubble World1325 Robson Street
 Buonissima Pasta1081 Granville Street
 Burger King - Granville Street821 Granville Street
 Burrard Corner Store & Flowers1253 Burrard Street604 685 6503
 C-Lovers1061 Denman Street 604 662 3444
Cache Bistro & Lounge1269 Hamilton Street604 558 1269
 Cafe Crepe796 Granville Street
 Cafe Deux Soleils2096 Commercial Dr604 254-1195
Cafe Il Nido780 Thurlow St 604 685-6436
 Cafe Rustico3136 Main Street
Cafe Villaggio1506 Coal Harbour Quay
 Caffee Buongiorno505 West Pender St
 Campagnolo1020 Main Street
Cardero Bottega1016 Cardero Street604-689-0450
 Care Point Medical Centres1175 Denman Street
 Central Bistro1072 Denman Street
 Chemically Addicted1332 Davie Street
 Chengdu Szechuan Bistro792 Denman Street
 Chez Faye Cafe101-1168 Hamilton Street
 Chichi Nails1260 W Pender
 Chongqing 12601260 Robson Street
 Chop Shop519 Abbott Street
 Chopstick Chalet580 Davie St 778 712-3663
Chronic Tacos1812 West 4th Avenue604 558 3666
 Chronic Tacos980 Granville Street
 Church's Chicken3449 Main Street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox - 1001 Alberni Street1001 Alberni Street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox - 1001 Dunsmir Street1001 Dunsmir Street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox - 1001 West Hastings Street1001 West Hastings Street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox - 1101 West Pender1101 west pender
 City of Vancouver Newsbox - 400 Howe Street400 Howe Street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox - 598 Hornby598 Hornby Street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox - 799 Hornby Street799 Hornby Street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox -1100 Robson1100 Robson Street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox 1001 Smithe Street1001 smithe street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox 1001 West Pender1001 west pender street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox 698 Robson Street698 Robson street
 City of Vancouver Newsbox 800 Howe Street800 Howe Street
 Citygate Wraps and Curry 1019 Main St
Coal Harbour Health Care Centre622 Bute Street
 Coal Harbour Liquor Store1218 W. Pender St604 685 1212
 Coast Medical 1018 Seymour Street
 Coco Rico Cafe1290 Robson Street
 Comfort Inn645 Nelson St
 Commercial Drive Food Store2064 Commercial Dr604 558 4771
 Commercial Medical Building2495 Commercial Dr
 Contemporary Art Gallery555 Nelson St604 681-2700
 Corner Cup Coffee House3301 West 4th Ave604 734 4524
 Curry Point Restaurant 1117 Hornby St604-568-2026
 Cut My Hair Barber Shop978 Denman Street
 Davie Dental Clinic1236 Davie Street
 De Dutch Robson#1-1725 Robson Street
 Delaney's Coffee House1105 Denman Street
 Denman Place Medical Clinic108-1030 Denman Street
 Dirty Apron Cooking School 540 Beatty St778-372-0988
 Donair Best Falafel2013 Commercial Dr604 251 9444
 Donair Spot1236 Robson Street
 Doolin's Irish Pub654 Nelson Street
 Dougie Dog1011 Granville Street
 Dover Arms Pub961 Denman Street
 Dream Sushi4401 Main Street
 Dunbar Theatre4555 Dunbar Street604 222 2991
 Dunn's877 Seymour Street
 Earls Yaletown1095 Mainland Street
 EasyPark Parking Lots on West Cordova900 West Cordova
 Einstein Wrap House516 Abbot Street
 Enchante1687 Davie Street
 English Bay Hotel1150 Denman Street
 Falafel Town1009 Granville Street
FANCLUB1050 Granville Street604 689 7720
 Fantasy Factory1155 Davie Street
 Finch's Tea & Coffee House353 West Pender Street
 Fingertips1226 Davie Street
 Flatspot112 East Pender Street
Fletchers Fabricare2096 West Broadway 604 731 9313
 Flight Centre610 Robson Street
 Flying Wedge Pizza1059 Denman Street
 Food Stop 24 Hrs2287 Commercial Dr604-251-2329
 Forage1300 Robson Street604 661-1400
 Forum Sports Bar1163 Granville Street604 605 1163
 Fresh Slice Pizza663 Abbott St604 568-4262
 Fresh Slice Pizza4331 Main Street
Freshii on Georgia1185 West Georgia Street
 Freshslice Pizza771 Davie Street
 Freshslice Pizza Dunsmuir676 Dunsmuir Street
 Funky Winker beans 35 Hastings St W 604 569-3515
 G Sports Bar & Grill1208 Granville Street
Gallery Cafe & Catering750 Hornby Street604-688-2233
 Gastown Printers328 West Cordova
 Gelarmony Gelato Cafe1222 Robson Street
 Ginger Garlic1738 Davie Street
 Global Grill1079 Mainland Street
 Goldies605 West Pender
 Grade "A" Restaurant1175 Granville Street
 Grand Union Hotel74 West Hastings Street
 Grandview Lanes Bowling Centre2195 Commercial Dr604 253 2747
Granville Island Food Court1689 Johnson Street
 Granville Room957 Granville Street
 Grocery on Main Street1181 Main Street
 GyuDonYa500 Robson Street
 Hamburger Mary's 1202 Davie Street
 Haramble Restaurant2149 Commercial Drive
Harbour Centre Food Court555 West Hastings Street604 689 7304
 Harvey's 946 Granville Street
 Hertz Car Rental1270 Granville Street
 HI-Vancouver Central1025 Granville Street
Hitoe Sushi3347 W 4th Avenue778-371-4619
 Ho Ho's Yummy1224 Davie Street
Holt Renfrew737 Dunsmuir Street604 681-3121
 Hostel International Vancouver1025 Granville Street
Hotel Le Soleil Vancouver567 HORNBY ST604 632 3000
 House of Empanadas976 Denman Street
 Howard Johnson Hotel1176 Granville St604 688-8701
 Ignite hair and beauty lounge626 Abbott St604-569-0098
Ignite Smoke Shop109 West Cordova Street778 789-0977
 India Bistro1157 Davie Street
 International News Yaletown 135 Davie street
 JJ Bean Coffee Roasters2206 Commercial Dr604 254-3723
 JJ Bean Coffee Roasters402 Davie St
 Joe's Grill1031 Davie Street
 Joe's Grill948 Denman Street
 Johnnie Fox's Irish Snug1033 Granville Street
 Judge's Indian Cuisine1188 Davie Street
 Junsei River570 Robson Street
 Kim's House538 Seymour Street
 Kingyo871 Denman Street
 Kokopelli2052 Commercial Drive
 La Belle Patate1215 Davie St
Latincouver1500 Howe street
Legacy Liquor Store1633 Manitoba Street604 331 7900
 Let's Roll Custom Sushi Bar104-1148 Denman Street
Live Stock239 Abbott Street604 685 1433
 Los Tacos164 West Hastings
 Lounge Hair Studio1116 Richards St604 602-7688
Mahony and sons#36 1055 Canada Place
Manchester Pub1941 west broadway604 568 6867
Marketplace IGA909 Burrard Street604-605-0612
Marquis Wine Cellars1034 Davie Street
 Maximus 1221 Davie St
 Mediterranean Grill1152 Denman Street
 Megabite Pizza1005 Granville Street
 Megabite Pizza1112 Davie Street
 Memphis BBQ House430 Robson Street
 Miyako Sushi829 West Pender Street
 MLA Spencer Chandra Herburt923 Denman Street604-660-7307
 Mobius4125 Main Street
Momentum Grooming1237 Burrard Street604 669 4636
 MoMo Sushi851 Denman St604-684-5424
 Momosushi6-375 Water Street604 683 7632
 Moonpennies Coffee Co1102 West Pender Street604 669 6092
 Moxies1160 Davie Street
 Mr. Brownstone2904 Main Street
 New Rowloon Salon & Beauty638 Main Street
 Next Noodle Bar560 Robson Street
 Northern Tickets918 Granville Street
 Numero Uno Pizza1020 Granville Street
 O-CHA Tea Bar1116 Homer Street
Ocean Breeze Spa1025 Mainland Street604 669 9700
Opa! Souvlaki Yaletown412 Davie Street604 696 6222
 OPUS Hotel1163 Homer Street
 Pacific Car Rentals503 West Georgia Street
 Pacifico Pizza970 Smithe St604 408-0808
 Paris Bakery Coffee Shop1403 Commercial Dr604 251 6366
Peckinpah2 Water Street604 681 5411
PHAT Deli1055 Mainland Street604 684-6239
 Pho' Express Ankor1745 Robson Street
 Pivo Public House526 Abbott St604 608-0500
 Pizza Garden675 Smithe Street
 Pizza Hut1725 Robson Street
Planet Veg Restaurant1941 Cornwall Avenue604 734 1001
 Pompadours1071 Denman Street
 Power Cut1171 Main Street
Prado Cafe 1938 Commercial Dr604 255 5537
Q4 al Centro780 Richards Street604 687 4444
 Quizinos Subs2580 Commercial Drive
 Quizno's Catering1050 W Pender
 Re/max City Reality673 Abbott St604-682-7177
Rebellious Tomato Gourmet Pizza721 Denman Street
 Red Burrito604 Robson Street
 Red Burrito1230 Davie Street
 Reno's1301 Commercial Dr604 253 8721
 Ringo Sushi836 Denman Street
 Rio Brazilian Steak House689 Denman Street
 Robson Sushi1542 Robson St604 688-4789
 Rolston Display Suite140-1265 Granville Street
 Ronsonstrasse Hotel & Suites1349 Robson Street
 Rosie's on Robson298 Robson Street
Roundhouse Community Centre181 Roundhouse Mews604 713 1811
 Roxy Burger910 Granville Street
 Rubi and Kino486 W Cordova St604 689-5288
 Russian World1003 Main Street
 Salty Tongue121 Carral Street
 Samesun Hostel1018 Granville Street
 Save On Meat 43 W Hastings St604 569-3568
 Score on Davie1262 Davie Street
Shaktea3702 Main Street604 873 5151
Shangri-La Hotel1128 West Georgia Street604 689-1120
 Shiva Beauty Unisex Salon1015 Main St 604 327-5564
 Shuraku833 Granville St604-687-6622
 Siddhartha's Indian Kitchen2066 Commercial Drive
 Silver Springs & Spa1582 Robson Street
 SIMBA'S825 Denman Street
 Smart Mouth Cafe117 Water St
 Smoke's Poutinerie942 Granville Street604 669-2873
 SOHO Cafe and Billiards1283 Hamilton Street604 688 1180
 Something Healthy660 Abbott St604 569-0919
 Speakeasy921 Granville St604 685-5531
 Spirit NailsUnit #5 - 1725 Robson Street
 Stack House Restaurant1224 Granville Street
 Starbucks Coffee199 Water Street
Steamrollers Davie Street437 Davie Street604 608 0852
 Steamrollers Robson1195 Robson Street
 Steamworks Wine & Spirits375 Water Street
 Stepho's Souvlaki1226 Davie Street
Subeez Cafe891 Homer Street604 687 6107
 Subway1109 Main Street
 Subway1213 Pacific Blvd
 Subway722 Smithe Street
 Subway683 Abbott St
 Subway2827 Main Street
 Sugarray's Boxing & Fitness1132 Granville Street
 Sun Ming Kitchenware261 East Pender Street604-688-0696
 Super Chef Grill280 Robson Street
 Super Wok505 Dunsmuir Street
 Sushi Den609 Abbott Street
 Sushi Star 750 Nelson St604 974-0079
 Suzette's Cafe501 Dunsmuir Street
 Swirl Wine Store1185 Mainland Street
 T-Rex Urban Food & Coffee1001 Main Street
 Taco Star Chilli Bar 1399 Commercial Dr 604 446 7827
 Take Five Cafe Gastown62 West Cordova Street604 558 3486
 Tandoori Palace1439 commercial Dr604 254-8452
 Tangent Cafe2095 Commercial Dr604 558 4641
 Tanpopo1122 Denman Street
TC Lions Pub888 West Cordova Street604 488 8611
TD Canada Trust700 West Georgia604 654 3665
 The Bolirbon50 West Cordova Street
 The Cannibal Cafe1818 Commercial Cafe604 558-4199
 The Dish1068 Davie Street
The Edge at Chataeu Granville1100 Granville Street604 681 3343
The Elbow Room560 Davie Street604 685 3628
 The Factory1017 Granville Street
 The Fountianhead Pub1025 Davie Street
 The Greenbrier Hotel1393 Robson Street
 The Hastings Warehouse156 W Hastings Street
 The Keg Thurlow742 Thurlow Street
 The Keg Yaletown1043 Mainland Street
 The Lennox Pub800 Granville Street
The London Pub700 Main Street604 563 5053
 The Mexican1049 Granville Street
 The Mint455 Abbott Street
 The New Oxford/Hooker's Green1144 Homer Street
 The Nines99 West Pender Street
 The Noodle Box839 Homer Street
 The Old Spaghetti Factory53 Water Street
 The Ramada Inn1221 Granville Street
 The Reef4172 Main Street
The Sinclair Centre757 Hastings St604 682 1720
 The Spot Cafe805 Denman Street
The Winking Judge Pub888 Burrard Street
 Thida Thai1193 Davie Street
 Tim Horton's108 West Pender Street
 Tim Hortons200 Burrard Street604 692 0348
 Tim Hortons1150 Alberni Street604 609 0348
 Tim Hortons555 West Hastings Street604 685 8552
 Tim Hortons750 West Pender
Tim Hortons463 Robson Street604 605 5460
Tim Hortons947 Hornby St
 Tim Hortons998 Granville St
 Tim Hortons Royal Centre1200 West Georgia
 Timbre Restaurant 2069 Commercial Drive
 Tossed796 Hornby Street
 Transylvanian Traditional Bakery1111 Davie Street
 Trees Coffee551 Bute Street
 Trim3851 Main St
 Tsubaki Hair Express515 Dunsmuir Street
 Tsuki Sushi Bar509 Abbott Street
 Two Parrots Perch & Grill1202 Granville Street
 UFood Grill 988 Granville Street
 Ukrainian Village Restaurant815 Denman Street
 Uncle Fatih's Pizza 638 Abbott St604 566-9696
 Uncut Salon104-1030 Denman Street
 Urban Fare Coal Harbour 305 Bute Street
 Urban Fare Shrangri-La1133 Alberni Street
 Urban Fare Yaletown 177 Davie Street
 Urban Rush Cafe1040 Denman Street
 Urban Sushi562 Granville St604 806-6218
 Van Pet Yaletown1065 Hamilton Street604 687 8933
Vancity Credit Union - 4th Ave branch2233 West 4th Ave604 877 7000
Vancity Credit Union - Kitsilano3395 West Broadway604-877-7000
Vancity Credit Union Downtown898 W Pender Street604 877 7000
 Vancouver Board of Trade999 Canada Place604 681 2111
Vancouver Harbour Dental1192 Melville Street604 336 2130
Vancouver TheatreSports League 1502 Duranleau St.604-738-7013
 Vera's 1438 Commercial Dr604 254 8372
 Vera's Burger Shack1181 Denman Street
 Vera's Burger Shack213 Carral Street
 Verace109 Keefer Place
 Viet Sub520 Robson Street
 Vitti Liquor Store900 Seymour Street
Wall Centre1088 Burrard Street604 331-1000
 Washing Wells1910 Commercial Dr604 568 5537
 Waves Coffee495 Main Street
 Waves Coffee305 Main Street604 568 9255
 Waves Coffee House 1858 Commercial Dr604 255-9283
Waves Coffee Robson212 Robson Street604 696 9283
 WE. Coffee1696 Robson Street
Webnames.ca21 Water Street, 5th Floor604 828 4223
West End Community Centre870 Denman st604-257-8333
 West End Liquor Store961 Denman Street
 Westender Korean Restaurant854 Denman Street
 White Spot713 Drake Street
 White Tower1359 Robson Street
WhiteSpot1616 West Georgia
 Wraps Plus340 Robson Street
 Yagger's433 West Pender Street
 Yaletown Liquor Store1116 Hamilton Street
Yaletown Nails Spa1260 Hamilton Street604 568 6615
 Yaletown News and Market499 Davie Street
 Yuki Maki 1143 Davie Street
 Yummy to Go1711 Davie Street
 YWCA 1260 Granville Street
 Zeitoon Grill House1795 Pendrell Street
Zipcar654 Seymour Street