Suzanne MacRury Artist Reception

There is a new gallery in town! The initial gallery, located at 2339 Granville street, will be launching in the summer of 2013, so that is not too far away, but to kick it off in style (and a little early), Ron Regan, the owner, had a pre-launch show on May 22nd. The work of artist Suzanne MacRury was displayed for all to see and covet. Suzanne, born in Kelowna BC and currently living in Toronto, had her wife, family, friends, and special guests surrounding her with love and respect that evening. Suzanne is an amazing abstract expressionist and her work will be on display at the gallery from May 23-June 26, so check it out. There was so much emotion and movement in her work, that it was difficult to look away, but you wanted to continue on her journey throughout the gallery. Ron is one lucky owner to have nabbed his first showing with Suzanne MacRury. Learn more about Suzanne at, and for the launch of the gallery, and a glimpse of the new show, keep an eye on Let Ron know what you think!

Photos by Lindsay Fortner, Barbara Larman

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Artist Suzanne MacRury with Ron Regan, owner of initial gallery